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[08 Jul 2016|12:48pm]

March 6 1921

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[01 Oct 2012|10:38pm]
Follow in the word of my God. From the acient scriptures, he is your anchor, your means to salvation. As silence begins to unfold, a stark yet quiet calling resounds into her trudging heart. The white, thick shawl becomes of her, encasing and engulfing the small and frail frame of the wanderer. She is small for her stature. At a tender age of sixteen, she exposes a strong authority of an adult. Perseverance almost akin to ignorance, she makes her marking towards the promise land. With her, a brown canine follows behind. She is of medium stature, sleek and thoughful of her steps. Both of them stop for a moment as the silence makes its presence known. The girl's eyes are reflecting across the barren soil. The tangerine hues darkening as she sees that the sun has begun to ascend into deep slumber. The wind is blowing strong, the whip lash of its current is pulling at her white robe, exposing the light cerulean tendrils against her pale and gaunt features. "Where are you?" She speaks to the darkness, for she is alone in her difficult journey and travels within the guise of a despondent and displaced child. With her, she carries a rather large and weathered book. With steadfast arms, she embraces it as her own. As though they are connected, link together at the seams. Within their perimeter, they caught sight of a damaged and abbadoned town. Cros"Better rest." A soft, melodic tone escapes her lips. At this hour, scavengers, thieves and the murderers come to prey. For the mean time, the dogs trots into the eternal darkness to look for pieces of wood. A fire is needed. Yveraibel inspects
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